buying a plate

Buying a plate from us

When you have found your perfect number plate from our stock, please contact us either by telephone or email and we will discuss your requirements, whether it be for the number to be transferred to a vehicle or held on retention. UK Private Plates will supply a standard set of acrylic number plates, to DVLA format, free of charge with your purchase, or we will supply you with the DVLA authorisation letter allowing you to have the plates made up.

Before you purchase your plate, please do ensure that it is appropriate to be transferred to your vehicle. It is not permissible for a vehicle to display a plate that makes it appear younger than it is. Please read the DVLA/FAQ page on our website for more details.

You have the choice of having your selected plate transferred directly to your vehicle or held on a retention certificate for future use.


Your purchase will be confirmed and we will ask you to supply your V5C , MOT Certificate if applicable, and a copy of your tax disc. We will then complete the administration process with DVLA and your updated vehicle documents will be returned to you by post. This process takes around 2 weeks to complete.


Plate to be held on Retention Certificate

If you are buying your plate to put onto a vehicle in the future, this can be done by using a retention certificate. We add your nominee name, (the name of the registered keeper of the vehicle) to the document which is then posted out to you. By using this certificate with the required documents, this can be transferred to your vehicle at any DVLA office. The certificate is valid for 12 months, and can be extended after this time by payment of a fee to the DVLA.

Registration plate prices are subject to VAT and the current DVLA transfer fee of £80 or retention fee of £105.