A list of the most Frequently Asked Questions. For further help please email info@ukprivateplates.com

What registrations can I use on my vehicle ?

You must not make your vehicle appear younger than it is. For example, a vehicleregistered in 2000 (W Reg) could not have an Y (2001) Registration Plate fitted. It is however permissible to use an older registration number.

What does the word “Nominee” mean?

The Nominee is the name which is added to a retention certificate when purchasing a personal number plate. The nominee name must match exactly the name that appears in the V5 log book of the vehicle you are assigning your registration number to If you are buying a plate to be fitted to a company vehicle which is registered in a company’s name, please supply the name of the company as the Nominee.

What does “on retention” mean?’

If you purchase a vehicle registration number from UK Private Plates we can supply a certificate of entitlement or transfer the number onto your vehicle for you. If you request the registration on retention it will be supplied on either a:

  • A Certificate of Entitlement
    Unissued registration plates are supplied with a certificate of entitlement, or V750.. This shows the purchasers details and their selected registration number.
  • Retention Certificate The retention certificate, or V778, is a document which is issued by the DVLA when a registration number is taken off a vehicle but which is being kept by the owner or ” held on retention”, pending future re-assignment to a-n-other vehicle. A retention certificate is  similar to a certificate of entitlement and is used in  the same way.

All UKPrivateplates prices exclude the DVLA assignment fee and the VAT if applicable. We do include a new set of DVLA standard number plates with your order so that you can get that number on as soon as possible.

How do I change my current registration for my new one ?

You  will need to apply by post or online through the DVLA.

 If you apply online you will need the vehicle Log Book (V5C) and the Certificate of Entitlement or Retention Certificate.

If you are applying by post, send all of the following documents to DVLA:

the completed V750 or V778 – the address is on the form and the vehicle’s log book (V5C) or green ‘new keeper’ slip with a completed V62 ‘application for a vehicle registration certificate V5C’

If you’re assigning the number to someone else’s vehicle, add them as a ‘nominee’ – complete section 2 of the V750 or V778..

You must also advise your insurance company of the change of registration number details.

What does dateless registration mean ?

Dateless registrations simply means that it is not an age related number since it does not contain a year and can comprise of any numbers of digits of a given limit. A dateless registration can be applied to a vehicle of any age.

What does suffix registration mean ?

A Suffix registration number is an older registration number whereby the age related component is depicted at the end of the number e.g. OKW 451X (1981)

What does prefix registration mean ?

A Prefix registration number contains the a letter at the beginning of the registration number which depicts the year of the vehicle e.g. A125 XDT (1983)

For how long can my number be held on retention ?

Your personalised number can be held on retention for up to 10 years on a V778 certificate which you must renew before it expires. A fee is charged by the DVLA for this process. This can be done either by post or online through the DVLA website.

Can I keep my personal number plate if I sell my car?


Simply complete DVLA form V778/1  to put your personal number plate onto a retention certificate. You may then transfer the number to a new vehicle at a later date. Remember that you will need to renew the retention certificate every 10 years.

Who are the DVLA?

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the goverment office who overseas and maintains the issue, sale,, retention and transfe of registrations within the UK as well as being responsible for a host of other driving related services.

They can be contacted via:


By post at:

DVLA, Vehicle Customer Services,


SA99 1AR

or by phone on: